Monday, 15 July 2013

Don't walk towards the light.

After daily attempts to explain to various different members of my friends and family how I've been feeling within and about the world in the previous month - this photograph somehow managed to capture and maintain my mindset that I've failed to verbalize.

On the day this photograph was captured , I visited an abandoned hotel in Rosslare Harbour with a friend of mine from my home-town. I was shocked by the rotten d├ęcor and abstruse atmosphere . Upon tangling my camera in one of the cracked windows to get a glimpse of a decayed bed-mattress, the sudden realization came to my mind that this hotel was once a place I used to come to with my family during my early years of life. We would come annually together on mothers day. The children would spend the hours watching a puppet show whilst the parents would all drink beverages and catch up on stories lost. 

Recently , I've begun to fear my life will result in similarities to that of the abandoned hotel. I feel like time is passing me and soon my time for being filled with life and stories will be lost -  I will be left empty of life like the interior of the hotel - all that will remain is peoples memories of me. This is a fact of our existence we all have to worry and argue with. Some of us choose to continue on with life and attempt not to contemplate the miserable fact that this time now could possibly be all we have....ever. My issue lately is I've been unable to ignore. I've been living life to the extreme and telling everyone I love them everyday because I'm terrified of death - terrified of becoming a mere collection of memory. 

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